How can we help protect our future? We are all in business to be successful, to provide jobs, to create better lives for ourselves and others.

But at what cost?

We are not talking about financial cost, but the cost to our environment. There is no point in creating a long-lasting, sustainable business if we destroy the planet around us at the same time. Some of you might think, ‘That’s rich coming from a PLASTIC manufacturing company!’

Plastic is considered a ‘dirty’ word, and rightfully so, as single use-plastic is one of the leading catalysts of throwaway culture, which isn’t good seeing as 91% of all single-use plastic isn’t recycled or are extremely hard to process.

Here at S&D, we don’t like to use these types of plastics.

We use the type of plastics that manufacture machine packaging guarding to protect us from conveyor belts.

The type of plastic that is used to create chambers to cure various diseases and research vaccines. The type of plastic that you pick up cosmetics off from your local department store display cabinets. The type of plastics that can be used in situ over…and over… and over again!

Not only this, but we created and are currently running through a 3 year ‘Green Plan’, to reduce our carbon footprint for a manufacturing business as much as possible. Some of this plan is as follows;

Outsourcing Recycling Materials: Once sorted in-house, we currently pay an independent recycling company to come in and dispose of our recyclable materials and off-cuts instead of disposing of everything together.

New Lighting: – All of our offices and factory floor have been stripped and installed with ultra-high energy saving daylight LEDS, some with sensors which automatically turn off when they are not needed.

New Heating: We have removed our Kerosene oil heating for the factory and have installed a High Efficiency Warm Air Heating and Destratification System. This uses the more environmentally friendly LPG, along with a destratification system. This recirculates the warm air which has already been used and risen in the factory, so it only pulls the LPG from the system when needed.

Cycle-2-Work Scheme: We have introduced the Cycle-2-Work scheme and offered it to all employees. The more employees who take up this scheme and can bike to work will help reduce vehicle emissions in our community.

Solar Panels and New Roofing: We are further looking into how to reduce our gas consumption as a company by looking at re-roofing the factory, as well as having the addition of solar panels. The new roof would increase the insulation of the factory, further helping reduce the demand on our LPG. As well as this, the solar panels would massively reduce our dependency on gas and focus on using cleaner solar energy.

There are also further plans in the pipeline to help protect everyone’s future. This scopes from using concepts like Car-Pooling to further reduce emissions, to insulating/adapting our annealing ovens to reduce wasted residual heat.

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By helping others, we help ourselves.